Special Issue on the nature and experience of mathematical beauty

Very excited to announce this special, interdisciplinary issue on the nature and experience of mathematical beauty.  Several interesting and provocative texts by philosophers, mathematicians, and math educators.

Papers include:

The Nature and Experience of Mathematical Beauty
Manya Raman-Sundström, Lars-Daniel Öhman, and Nathalie Sinclair  (Introduction)

Explanatory Proofs and Beautiful Proofs
Marc Lange

A Beautiful Proof by Induction
Lars-Daniel Öhman

A Short Walk can be Beautiful
Jonathan M. Borwein

Wabi-Sabi Mathematics
Jean-Francois Maheux

Source: Journal of Humanistic Mathematics – an online-only, open access, peer reviewed journal | Journals at Claremont | Claremont Colleges

About manyapajama

Associate Professor in Mathematics Education, and part-time poet.
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